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Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone go tandem paragliding?

If you are healthy and weigh more than 15kg (33lbs) and less than 100kg (220lbs) you can come paragliding with us.  We have also flown passengers with a handicap.   We offer fun and safe tandem flights to individuals and groups.  We can arrange special flights for companies, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

If you have pre-existing heart or other major health conditions or are pregnant, please obtain your doctor's approval before coming paragliding.

How does paragliding work?

We pick you up from your hotel in Interlaken in our comfortable, air conditioned van.  We drive up to the take off place, enjoying the beautiful scenery and an informative and fun introduction.  Then, a short walk through beautiful Swiss meadows to the take off place.  Here, your qualified and experienced pilot provides you with safety equipment and take off instructions.  After a safety check, when the wind is right, a few steps forwards and we are AIRBORNE.

Do I need paragliding experience?

No, you will fly with a qualified and experienced tandem paragliding pilot who is licensed by the Swiss Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association SHPA. 

What about my fear of heights?

No problem,  people affected by acrophobia - the fear of heights are not affected by flying with a tandem paraglider.  This is because there are no sheer cliffs or drops which trigger vertigo.  The view is open and the distance to the ground is not measured with a vertical reminder.  Most passengers feel a little nervous before taking off, this is normal and is very quickly overtaken by pure excitement and exhilaration.

Will I feel motion sickness?

If you are normally affected by motion sickness, there is a chance you will be affected while flying.  We recommend taking your normal motion sickness remedy before flying.  Flying on an empty stomach is also advantageous.  Please let your pilot know if you suffer from motion sickness before take off.  They can adjust their flights accordingly and provide you with a motion sickness bag to use during the flight.  Please do not feel embarrassed to tell your pilot if you feel unwell.

Is paragliding dangerous?

Safety of our passengers is our top priority.  Our team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced tandem paragliding pilots take no risks.  We use the most up-to-date weather information.  Because weather can be unpredictable, our pilots make the final decision about whether it is safe to take off and fly.  Attention: paragliding is addictive, and we can not be held responsible if you become hooked!

What do we need to bring?

Please wear solid footwear with grip (trainers, hiking boots) as the take off places can be wet and slippery, no sandals or thongs.  You can bring your own compact camera which will be tied to you by your pilot but no large SLR cameras or video cameras please, as they can become a danger during take off.  Sunscreen, sunglasses and glasses are recommended.  Bring your wallet or purse, but no backpacks, handbags or large bags can be taken flying.

What equipment will be provided?

Star Paragliding will provide a helmet, harness and hiking boots (when you do not have adequate footwear).  A digital in-flight photo service can be provided.