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Beatenberg  - Interlaken

This flight is only possible with good thermal conditions. To maintain heights, our pilots must find uprising thermal air and fly in them like birds.  This flight is weather dependent so if we can not stay up in the air as long as expected, you only get charged the price of "the star" flight.

  • Take off: Beatenberg 1330 m
  • Landing: Interlaken 570 m
  • Flight time: 30 - 45 min
  • Total trip: 90 min
  • Fitness of passenger: low - average
  • Transport: included, air conditioned 
  • Included: van all equipment hiking boots
  • free hotel pick up

Price inflight-photos,-videos 40.- chf inflight pictures will be burnt on a USB straight after the flight.

Price: 220.- chf

From CHF 260

+1 Additional options

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We drive up together in our comfortable and airconditioned van to Beatenberg, followed by a 10 minute walk. After we are airborne and you'll feel free like a bird.

A truly awesome paragliding experience, flying high like an eagle and glide down to catch another upward thermal with breath-taking views of the stunning Jungfrau mountain and the glistening glacial waters of Lake Thun, Beatenberg, Interlaken. If you like we do also some rollercoaster with wingovers and spirals.


  1. Startplatz Amisbühl
  2. Interlaken